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    Dec 2012

    PS3 CECHG01 Remarry question help?

    Hi everyone,

    Been doing some homework on trying to remarry a CECHG01 (fat 40gig nand flash) PS3 and still have some questions. the remarry process seems straightfoward enough once I get may ps3 downgraded to 3.55 or earlier which is where it gets tricky. I've looked up the E3 and it seems to only support the NOR type flash PS3 (slim mostly) which doesn't help me.

    I'm thinking it might be less hassle to find someone near enough where I live who could do the firmware downgrade (if possible).

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    Dec 2009
    actually you want to use progskeet on a nand system. Not e3 flasher.

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    Aug 2007
    Yes you have to use the progskeet to downgrade the ps3. To do this you have to solder or use the clips on it and downgrade it. The e3 only works on nor ps3s. Thanks

    On the other hand if you replace the drive but use your old control board for the drive you don't need to remarry. So in close if the control board is still good use that with the new drive and you should not have to remarry. Thanks.

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