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    Lurker Guest

    PS3 CECHG01 downgrade help?

    So it seems the CECHG01 PS3 is the last NAND model released by Sony. Its disc laser is also of sub-par quality, so it has been gathering dust after I bit the bullet and bought a new slim. Well, instead of being a huge paperweight, I suppose it may be wise to downgrade it.

    However, a lot of tutorials seem to be focused exclusively on how to downgrade NOR consoles. From what I gathered, you cannot use the E3 Linker to downgrade a NAND console, correct?

    What are the recommended tools to downgrade a NAND console cheaply and easily (a hard bargain I'm sure)? I have a lot of soldering experience, but soldering to pins is definitely something I don't enjoy. Also are there any limitations that NAND consoles have only NOR in terms of dual-booting between CFW and OFW?

    I've been playing around with the idea of sending the thing off to someone like racer for a simple downgrade, but PMs still don't work for me so in the mean time, I'm considering a DIY.

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    racer0018 Guest
    You need a progskeet and you can use the alt. soldering places. Is the mother board a sem-001? Thanks.

    Oh one more thing can't use the e3 at all on it.

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    Lurker Guest
    Yeah, the mobo's layout matched with pictures online for SEM-001. Sucks none of their solutions work for it.

    I haven't heard about these alternate soldering locations. Do you have a link?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Search for soldering sem 001 ps3 and it will show you. I am not at my computer right now to get the picture.

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