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Thread: PS3 CECHE01 update problems help?

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    hobodozer Guest

    PS3 CECHE01 update problems help?

    I have a ps3 that was in an update loop, i managed to break the loop but now i cant install any updates or get to xmb. I can get to the restore menu but everything either throws an error or does nothing. It's is or was on 3.15 OFW and is lacking a bluray drive. Any help would be appreciated as I am at my wits end over this.

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    windrider42 Guest
    You will need to find a 3.41 BDB firmware. It is firmware that bypasses the Blu ray check. Or create one using PSMFW.

    Then you could update to Rogero 3.7 3.55 CFW that has blu ray check disabled. I would then suggest to find a working blu ray drive and remarry it while on 3.55.

    From there you can go back to OFW or stay on CFW.

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    hobodozer Guest
    I tried updating to the 3.41 BDB and when i use option 6 in the recovery menu it gets stuck on "Checking... Please Wait."

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    metzen Guest
    You could have a bad drive. Try to pull out the drive and format on your pc then retry.

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    hobodozer Guest
    I have done this multiple times and several different ways including scanning for bad sectors and it didn't find any then I wrote all 0's to the drive and put it back into the PS3, still stuck on checking.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Do you have another hdd you could try?

    Or a different USB to try. That could be the issue as well.

    Format the USB using ridgecrop consultants FAT32 formatter for windows:

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    mushy409 Guest
    I think the only thing that will fix your pickle is patching the flash with 3.55 COS and entering FSM and doing a FW re-install from there. This will flush the flash partitions and the HDD.

    Do you have a hardware flasher?

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    Xufar Guest
    Hobodozer, you have two solutions that you can do.

    1. The best way. Connect any blu-ray drive (loan it from a friend? Buy a new one?) to your PS3 and update. It does not have to be married.

    2. The easier way. Install a blu-ray checks removed firmware via option 6 from the recovery menu. It stays on "checking for update" for a long time, since it tries to look for an update on a blu-ray disc. Wait it out. It will probably take around 30-60 minutes, but eventually it will recognize the update on the USB. You can then proceed with updating.

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    mushy409 Guest
    See I'm not that patient - 30-60 mins I'd have dumped and re-written the flash ready for FSM Don't like waiting

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