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Thread: PS3 CECHC03 Fan Problem help?

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    idulkoan Guest

    PS3 CECHC03 Fan Problem help?

    I have a CECHC03 PS3 (fat) (PAL model), with a fan problem, and also a video problem (weird colors are shown, you can see it in the video link below). Shortly after booting the ps3, the fan speed increases and keeps increasing until its at its max. The screen also glitches with weird colors (video out is on component) and freezes when the weird colors are shown. I have opened it up and tried turning the unit on to see if it was a ventilation problem but it gave the same results. The (internal) Power Supply for it is an aps 227.

    Here is a Video of my ps3 and what happens when it is powered on:

    If you skip the video to around 1:00, you will hear the fan getting louder.. and louder. Someone gave me this ps3 for free because they were going to throw it away. Any help/suggestions for fixing this would be appreciated.

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    misiozol Guest
    M8 hurry up and replace heat sink paste on cpu/gpu on and under IHS, and I mean ASAP b4 console will be dead all signs of coming YLOD from overheating, do no use it until replaced and hope for luck it will help in this stage of console life !!

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    idulkoan Guest
    I did that and this happened..

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    niwakun Guest
    Yep, you need to remove the IHS (Integrated Heat Sink), these IHS is what you see in two processors with printed on then (on CPU - BellCE and GPU - RSX, with both of them had Sony named on it) behind those two IHS you can find the culprit, which is a dried out heat compound which is needed to be replaced ASAP.

    You might want to reball it too that would end you to give it to professional repair jobs that can do remove IHS on both processor and reball them and replace thermal compound.

    If youre familiar with Intel CoreI series which had a CPU overheating issue that can be only resolved by removing the IHS. Well you do need do the same thing on PS3.

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    rodq Guest
    GPU (RSX) bad joint (even shortcut - generating heat > internal thermal sensor > syscon >> the fan spins like a jet plane). No IHS removal unless you know what you're doing!!!!

    Applying famous Arctic Silver is a BIG mistake, better use Arctic MX2, MX3, MX4 or even that "white" silicone thermal paste (cheaper). Overheated consoles ends to this. You may try reball the GPU (RSX) but is expensive. Reflow the GPU (RSX) is cheaper but you will never know what will happened when you power on your console (a big spark or not even spinning that loud fan?).

    Repairing old CECHx is a waste of time, you will never know when it will fail again (a day, 10 days, a month...)

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