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Thread: PS3 CECHA01 Downgrade Question help?

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    mckinnonj Guest

    PS3 CECHA01 Downgrade Question help?

    I have a CECHA01 PS3, manufacturer in Feb 2007. At one point it did have CFW 3.55 installed but I've since then updated to OFW 4.31.
    I was going to attempt it myself but no guide is clear enough for me to attempt the process.

    Only concerns I have is I want a solder less method. I don't want to solder anything to my PS3. And unclear exactly if I need an infectus or not. I know I need the Progskeet for sure. I don't mind soldering the progskeet to the infectus.

    That's basically my only questions... if I get a Progskeet 1.2 for NAND flashing, will I have to solder anything to my PS3 board and do I need anything else.

    Thanks in advance either way for any assistance.

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    k9inpoop Guest
    if you get the right clips for the progskeet i dont think you need to solder anything

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    mckinnonj Guest
    Thanks. Ok, do you know if I need infectus or not?

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    k9inpoop Guest
    i maybe wrong but i dont think you do need it to downgrade a ps3 when you have a progskeet

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    mckinnonj Guest
    Hrmm... you don't make me seem to confident in your answer lol

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    k9inpoop Guest
    ok i dont know if you need it for progskeet 1.2 but i know you dont need it for 1.1 and lower so i dont think you need it now

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