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    bobbintb Guest

    PS3 CECHA01 downgrade with android or TI-84 help?

    I've been getting a lot of old and wrong information. i have a CECHA01. it was on rebug 3.55 but after i came home yesterday to FINALLY get on psn and fix some things my 10 year old son just hours before upgraded MY ps3 to 4.11 after i have told him numerous times not to EVER update anything. even after turning off updates and installing the spoofer he still didn't listen to me.

    I've read about e3, progskeet, and teensy. i don't really want to spend over $100 to fix it. i read i can use a supported android phone or ti-84 to downgrade but i think that might be old information. if i can do it myself for free, great. if someone can do it for for for cheaper than buying a progskeet, how much? can anyone with actual experience tell me what is the most cost effective way to do this?

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    racer0018 Guest
    The teensy can not downgrade a ps3 phat. Now the progskeet can, there is a solderless clip you can use with the progskeet. But yes it is up there for cost to buy all you need. I do downgrading but I am hurt right now. Mushy also does downgrading. I do know that it is cheaper then buying everything you need. Where are you located, U.S. or another country. You can use the ti-84 can be used to put it into service mode but you need a flasher to get it to work.

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    bobbintb Guest
    i'm in the US, idaho to be specific. how much does this service usually run? and i don't quite get the ti-84 comment. so i would need hardware (ti-84 or something else) to get into service mode in addition to hardware for flashing? it seemed to me that flashing the NAND was needed because entering service mode to downgrade was patched.

    oh! also just remembered, i have other ps3s for parts, and i believe one of them the same model. is it possible to just swap the nand chips?

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    niwakun Guest
    just get the progskeet with 2 NAND Clips and install it by yourself. (you still need to solder things from the clip to progskeet but not on the console itself) then after that, just follow steps how to dump your NAND (it'll be 2 NAND dumps with 128mb each) and then use some kind of software of it (it's venix downgrade software) that will patch the NAND dump of yours automatically. Then flash it up and follow the usual downgrade process via FSM.

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    racer0018 Guest
    The progskeet and the two NAND clips run about 120 shipped. I charge 30-50 dollars to downgrade. Thanks

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