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    PS3 Cech2504B 1A blu-ray connectors help?

    Hey guys, please help me out

    i've just received the E3 flasher CECH2504B 1A it could be a hit or a total disaster, doing it anyway

    after removing the powersupply and in the background the tutorial running i'm about to remove blu-ray but those connectors are new right, softboard? 3 connectors and yes i'm not very technical when it comes to this stuff so i was trying with a plier (tang in dutch)

    the 3th connector on the right i could pull out the softboard?! thinking i broke it hehe but it works fine after sliding it back in.. i'm gonna brick it hehe

    can i do this for all 3 connectors, pull it out like the 3th conn?


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    This are flat ribbon cables and can be connected/disconnected as often you want.

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    yes, but when i pulled the right (blue) one, by mistake, anyway not my intention the blue flat cable came out of the connector there are no clips on the connectors, i just sticked it back in and all good.

    thats the way it should be? or should the connector stay on the ribbon cables?


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    no that is the correct way.. thats why they call it ribbon cable i guess.. looks like ribbon.. it is supposed to be that way.. you haven't ruined it.. just take your time and watch many videos if you aren't sure..

    good luck

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    ah ok, thx both you guys,

    not rushing it, its back together atm hehe

    its very delicate yes, the left/right one have a extra clip? on the cable to pull i guess, only the middle doesn't have it. the videos all showing other connectors right? (2 yellow?) just like powersupply, anyway they look the same

    i have to admit its hard job if there's someone around willing to help installing(NL) pls PM me.

    so atleast install the flasher
    create a valid backup/dump
    compare metldr+bootldr sizes as shown: Checking_console_capability_of_running_3.55

    and hopefully its like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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