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    PS3 CECH-4002C (Super Slim) No Power help?

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a $60 AUD 12GB PS3 Super Slim off eBay which has a problem. The console wont turn on and has no lights when the power cord is plugged in. I have tried multiple power cords.

    I opened up the console and after taking out the power supply and putting it back in, i was able to power it up. I repeated the process of unplugging the power cord and plugged it back and every time the red light came on.

    But the thing is after i remove the power supply for a second time and plug it back in to the console, it has the original problem where no lights come on and i cant power on the console. I have tried reseating the power multiple times and I havent been able to get the PS3 back on since.

    Before i go out and buy a new PSU for my Super Slim would someone with experience in this issue be able to tell me if its a motherboard problem or a PSU problem? I dont want to waste $50 buying a new PSU only to find out that my motherboard is broken.


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    Check the fuses on the power supply. They could be out.

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    If you need help with what fuses look like let me know.

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