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    kingkhan Guest

    PS3 cech 3008b help?

    hello sir, i have ps3 320 GB cech 3008b and i want to play backup game in this.. and for this i update it in 4.41 please tell me what is good for me any simple way for play backup game in it please help me...

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    racer0018 Guest
    That ps3 can't be jailbroken so you will have to buy another one. thanks

    You need at least a cech2503a or b to downgrade and jailbreak.

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    kingkhan Guest
    rogero or rebug will not work with that?

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    Sostanco Guest
    nope simply you can install rogero or any other cfw on ps3 that was able to be downgraded to fw 3.55, so the last model was 2501a (and some b). in your case i'm sorry but nothing can be done at moment

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    JeoWay Guest
    Since your PS3 is a 3000X model, it is not downgradable (due to it being above base firmware 3.55). Not even downgrading would help.
    So you cannot play backups on that specific console.

    This thread has been answered to its best ability. Please mark as answered.

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    Debmalya Guest
    but it is mentioned 3008b models with 4.25ofw can be jailbroken using rogero. is it true? (noob in jb concept)

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    racer0018 Guest
    I have yet to see one that can be jailbroken. And I don't have anyone that will try by sending me theirs.

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