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Thread: PS3 cech-3003a jailbreak 4.3 help?

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    ayres48 Guest

    PS3 cech-3003a jailbreak 4.3 help?

    hi all new to the forum and the scene have worked on just about every other console and various other items iphones PC's and other however i've now decided to look at the PS3 i have searched with no results.

    i currently have a cech-3003a running 4.3 firmware stock i believe was 3.6.

    my question is the possibility of being able to swap out drives with a boot manager possibly without formatting it also the ability to have a different firmware association to each giving me the ability to run a drive with homebrew possibly linux for offline purpose only and one with my normal games settings and user account on.

    any help or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.

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    macsamilian Guest
    no there is no way of doing that mate on firmware above 3.56 it sounds like your describing what the e3 does duel boot but with the new 300x 400x models they've changed how the machine asks for updates namely the new lv0.2. just read a bit in the forums and you will start to understand

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