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    Sostanco Guest

    PS3 CECH-2504b red light issue help?

    i have a problem this console when i try to light on, it self power off after 4 sec even the red led disappears, it reappear only when i push again the button, so it goes to standby. any idea?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Safe Mode -> Restore -> Turn on

    If that doesn't work go to eBay.

    Sometimes the power supply blows out

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    donatelo27 Guest
    maybe nor is corrupt, but get in safe mode to restore.

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    mushy409 Guest
    PS3 slim CECH-2504b - Guarantee it needs either the RSX or CPU reballing.

    The newer model PS3 slim (CECH2504's, 3K & 4K series) no longer display YLOD - they simply power off COMPLETELY.

    Only sure way is to solder NOR_Tristate to GND (look for the testpoint diagrams for your board - JTP-001 or JSD-001) to check if the flash is corrupt.

    What were you doing with the console before this happened?

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    niwakun Guest
    I hope that you can fix that through recovery mode, but I suspect its a busted CPU (not GPU). Since Slim PS3 are notorious for having breaking CPU's and reball wont fix it, replacing CPU is not an option since its paired with motherboard.

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    Sostanco Guest
    it run ofw 4.11 and have long time standby (like 2 month) the other day just want to play a little and ps3 does this thing. probably i need to solder tristate with gnd, for you to know i do the fan test and it go ok. thx for reply

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    mushy409 Guest
    PS3's don't break CPU's... Overheating causes the solder to become brittle and the BGA connections come apart.

    I've got pictures somewhere of a CECH4001a I lifted a CPU off - about 12 of the solder pads in one corner weren't even attached to anything (still had gold-plating on the pads)

    It's down to manufacturing where some of the BGA connections aren't flowed properly

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    niwakun Guest
    nothing good may happen on touching the flash of your PS3 when you left your console for 2 months doing nothing. I suspect that it's a broken PSU, who knows it might be damage when you left your console plugged it for 2 months where the event happens that electrical spike occurred.

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    Sostanco Guest
    i have alredy change the spu 3 time, coming from other ps3 with the same board

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