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Thread: PS3 CECH-2504A no video help?

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    nino7050 Guest

    PS3 CECH-2504A no video help?

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with PS3 Cech-2504A has no video.

    Start with green LED end dont off alone, but no video and no audio, what can I do? I tried to get into factory mode, pressing the power button and there is no video, someone else has encountered such problem, I need help thank you.

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    technodon Guest
    depends on how long have you had the console? if its one you bought second hand from eBay has the console warranty sticker been removed. keep hold of the power button see if the console beeps to reset the graphics card.

    also CECH-2504A console is not downgradable so must have 3.56+ firmware which means it won't have factory service mode

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    nino7050 Guest
    thx for your fast answer, i try it to reset the graphic pushing the power button but still nothing i think it RIP.

    end yes shy macke the bipss but still no image i buy the ps3 from ebay

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    technodon Guest
    don't really know what to suggest then, check underneath the console and see if the warranty sticker is intact. if its beeping i would say that the data stored on the nor is fine. try both picture connections HD and SD.

    see if the orange hard drive light works or try a new hard drive maybe?

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    nino7050 Guest
    ok i hear that, i will try to change the hdd end see if work thx again technodon

    and btw i don't see the light of hdd now you see that i will try it first

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