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Thread: PS3 cech-2501a not reading BR disks help?

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    afrakingtoaster Guest

    PS3 cech-2501a not reading BR disks help?

    i was handed a free ps3 and was told if i can fix it i can have it so i'm determined to fix this doesnt read BR disks but reads normal disks.iv cleaned the lasers and did a factory reset (which looked like it didn't do anything, total waste of 10 hours) and nothing worked. i'm pretty sure the laser itself is still good because i can see the blue laser light up when it goes to read a disk.the laser has already been replaced by a technician and it worked fine for a few months and then suddenly stopped working again.

    any idea what could be wrong? i'm hoping its a software issue rather then hardware because i really don't have the money to buy a new laser.

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    elser1 Guest
    i'd say its the laser needs replacing. i'd take it back to where you got it fixed before and make him fix it properly or get money back and try somewhere else. laser should last more than 2 or 3 months.

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    afrakingtoaster Guest
    i'm hoping that's not the case.

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    smokie1313 Guest
    I'd take it to the repair shop and see if they can put in a new/used known working blu-ray and see if I have the same problem if you do then you have another problem other then the blu-ray player if not you can prolly pick up a new or used drive pretty much cheap.

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    afrakingtoaster Guest
    how would i know for sure that the br laser is dead and not something else? i mean the laser turns on and everything so i know the diode itself isn't blown.. and the loading wheel on the xmb shows up.

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    metzen Guest
    Very well could be the bluray controller board on the fritz. Did you try a regular DVD or CD? This will narrow down exactly what it could be. If it reads the DVD then it's the bluray laser. If the DVD doesn't read then it sounds like your drive controller could be going. This model, if I recall, has the controller board integrated on the motherboard.

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    afrakingtoaster Guest
    ya i played a dvd and it worked just fine. i'm bout to give up on this thing. prob will buy a new laser later down the road. gonna try cleaning the lense with rubbing alcohol ever tho i aleady cleaned it like 3 times. who knows maybe i missed something.

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you got it and it was doing this there are two things that could be wrong with it. One is the laser needs to be replaced. Another things is that if it is not a cech 2501 and up then the control board is on the blu-ray drive and if these go bad and people put a new one on there and not marry it, it will read cds, and dvds but it will not play games or read blu-rays. So it is one of these problems bad laser or control board not married. thanks

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    afrakingtoaster Guest
    it use to work with the new laser but it stopped again... could that be because of the marry or would it mean its the laser... and what part of the laser would be broken if it was the laser because i can see the blue diode light up like its trying to read the br disk.

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    racer0018 Guest
    What is the model of the ps3 that you have? thanks

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