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    PS3 CECH-250 v4.21 be downgraded for Jailbreak?

    I just want know if a PS3 CECH-250 on ver 4.21 be downgraded for Jailbreak?

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    250? 2501a or 2501b or what? Better yet, what is the manufacture date? The best way to tell is to download the minimum version check.pup and try to update with it, and it will tell you what is the lowest firmware you can go to.

    If it is 3.55 or lower, than it can be Jailbroke, but you will need a hardware flasher to do so.

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    Thanks buddy

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    Very welcome, let us know how it goes. Are you planning on doing the downgrade yourself?

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    Hey can someone help me? I have a CECHE ps3 on 4.21. Could someone please help me with a guide on using progskeet and jTag programmer to downgrade it to 3.55.

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