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    ph4rcyd3 Guest

    Unhappy PS3 button assignment help?

    I already got used to the X-Accept & O-Cancel buttons assignment in my good old American 160GB Fat CECHP01 Uncharted Bundle. I just bought recently a Slim 320GB CECH-2512b, Region 3 (Hong Kong) console. And they inverted the X/O functions.

    I know it sounds silly but it's something that really bothers me besides not being able to play my dvd's. Is that a detail of the Slims or it's an area related thing? I recall that I noticed this difference when I played Wangan Midnight & Initial D, both japanese tittles, on my fat. Which makes me believe it's a region thing. Is there a way to change this config. & make the console an Area 1, with the old X-Yes/O-No, either by flashing, jailbreak, cfw or editing the internal data?

    The console came with firmware 3.40 by the way. Thanks in advance.

    PS: The original voltage of the console's psu is 220v-240v. Here is 110v. I tried to connect it. Turns on and works perfectly but I noticed that it gets REALLY hot on the back. Is that normal or the psu is the culprit?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, for starters - by manipulationg the xregistry.sys file in dev_flash2, you can tinker with the PS3's settings. Check out this thread for some more information on that.

    If memory serves me, the PS3's PSU's are universal, and it should accept 110-240v, but double check the sticker on the console!

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