Hi there, i am just another poor sucker that owns a faulty ps3 the blu-ray lazer dont work any more or so i thought since i was out of warranty and didnt have the receipt sony wanted 182 for a refurbished one so i went with the option of putting in a new lazer.

after doing this i booted up my ps3 and put a game in which it read and started to play even saved a bit onto my hard drive after a couple of minutes it froze up on me and i had to turn it off with the power switch on the back. when i put it back on it did'nt read the disc it would only read dvd roms now it keeps doing this.

if i turn it off for a while when i put it on and put a blu-ray disc in i will read it straight away but as soon as i try to play it everthing locks up.. if it is a game i put in the tv screen will go off like the hdmi cable has been unpluged then just go black and stays like that and if it a blu-ray dvd it goes black for a while then says error code 80022149 or something like that.

so all this rubbish after putting in a new lazer i was not pleased at all well it probably going to make things worse but i want to try and put a diffrent firmware on as i read to 2.40 firmware has messed up quite a few consoles.. if i have any joy with this i will be back to let you all know the best of british to me then haha