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Thread: PS3 broken bluray drive help?

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    srgnt Guest

    PS3 broken bluray drive help?

    hi every one i have a ps3 slim cech-2001b with a broken blueray drive if any body can help me out by running games directley from my hdd it would be appreciated

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    credentialz Guest
    if it is on official firmware 3.55 or lower you could try but i dont think it would work as your drive is goosed, you need it for multiman, it would be easier if you bought a new drive undo the old board under the broken bdrive fit it to under the new drive

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    all you have to do is get a new laser.

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    purepainx Guest
    I don't think thats always true. Simply because I bought a new drive and mine still won't read discs. It could be the board?

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you have a ps3 that is model number 2501 the control boards are on the motherboard. Other then that they are not. So that is why we need to know the model number to help you. Thanks

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