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    PS3 Bricked help?

    Hello... i tried to install 3.55 CFW (kmeaw) and during the update the electricity went off... so... when i opened PS3 it was obviously bricked... is there something i can do now??

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    Feb 2010
    Try to enter recovery menu, then if you can't, take out the hdd and put another in.

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    Send me a PM

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    What is your definition of bricked, nico? What is the system doing or not doing?

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    I'm pretty sure the PS3 just continues updating if it is turned off during an update and turned back on, make sure you have the update file on a USB in the PS3 when you turn your PS3 on so it continues updating.

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    First of all, how do you know its bricked ?

    Secondly i hardly think its anything wrong with it but it is just that the ps3 couldn't boot the last firmware you were on, so download the 3.55 Official sony firmware then copy it to your USB stick , insert the stick , start recovery mode and select "System update" then update to 3.55 ofw, then it will restart and boot. Then download the 3.55 cfw and repeat the process.

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