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Thread: PS3 Bricked help?

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    Reza684 Guest
    Because the firmware was stuck during installation, and it went to restart again and red screen. I got out the hard driver, but it did not affect. and then it got with the pc format. I think the problem is the ps3 hardware and especially cpu or heatsink or the possible contents of the NAND is corrupted.

    But when I format the hard drive with my pc the problem arose. "Turns Off PS3 After 30 Seconds" My ps3 is 60GB pal. I know there is a fix, I just cant find it. All help will be greatly appreciated.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    if it was red screening then the NAND is corrupted, there's no fix for that as far as I'm aware of. You could always try using a dongle to try put it in service mode and reinstall the fw that way but I don't think you'll have much luck.

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    daveshooter Guest
    As barry said its a corrupted NAND, as I have had it myself on two units.

    I repaired one of my ps3's that had the blue screen lock out crash, after messing with Rebug firmware and the settings. lol
    The blue screen is when the ps3 losses data off the hard drive due to us formating it, or bad flashing or maybe bad sectors on the hard drive, or people like me messing with cfw.

    I used a E3 cared reader and installed downgrader to allow me to re flash the ps3 without it needing to use the hard drive. after reseting the ps3 back to stock with 3.55 I got the red screen with white writing come up, I have seen this before and did get rid of it once, but this time i could not get in to anything I was locked out the ps3.

    So I tried again with the E3 but this time i remove the power as soon as I seen the blue light come on, then I fitted the usb stick with file 1, and rebug firmware. I followed the steps you do to jailbreak it. and now she is alive again.

    I have had the E3 for the day and fixed 3 ps3's so far. wicked, thanks very one here thats helped me to achieve this, that means you above as well

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