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    ps3 bricked help?

    hi, i was doing a downgrade from 3.41 to 3.15 but during the process it was taking forever and stupid i turned the ps3 off, now every time i turn on the ps3 after 10 seconds it turns off.

    can someone help please? thanks.

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    Feb 2010
    try to enter recovery mode.

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    i tried but it doesn't let me

    i tried that but it didn't work..

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    Feb 2010
    factory/service mode would be the next step.

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    how do i go in factory service mode?

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    Feb 2010
    The same way you did to perform the downgrade.

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    ok i tried that and that didn't work either

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    congratulations! you got yourself a very expensive paperweight..

    remember don't fix unbroken things!!

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    sucks. sell it on ebay, and be very sparse with the fault description. some idiot will probably buy it.

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    Had the same problem ages ago. Put modified 3.41 .PUP on USB flash drive in PS3/UPDATE and plug it into the rightest USB port on your PS3. Just start PS3 and wait. If this doesn't work, use the original .PUP from 3.41 and give it a try. One of these options worked for me.

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