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Thread: PS3 brick help?

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    fudd69 Guest

    PS3 brick help?

    hi everyone. I have a ps3 that bricked after I converted it from DEX to CEX and i have the e3. In order to unbrick it I have to solder a wire from tristate to SBE or to a GND point but the tristate point doesn't exist any more because the soldering made it come off so i have soldered another point to GND just to try it and the PS3 halts on boot up as it should do if the point soldered were tristate.

    Now when I install the flasher I can backup the NOR but i cannot write it with the correct dump made before converting to DEX. Every time I try to flash my NOR with a correct dump it gives me error 10001111 (failed to write NOR)

    Can anyone help me?

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    G Sus Guest
    is it a full brick or a semi brick, if it switches on and has five bleeps then switches off you can fix it without the e3 flasher, just need a dongle

    if its not the five bleeps of death semi brick, try asking in the forum for ps3 unbricking and downgrade service, theres people in there that know what they doing.

    otherwise look for the tutorial for fixing semi brick from dex to cex

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    fudd69 Guest
    it's a full brick

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    G Sus Guest
    ouch sorry to hear that, you should try putting a message in the ps3 unbricking and downgrading forum, this forum is likely to get burried fast, but someone always checks that forum, and they pretty useful people.

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    fudd69 Guest
    i don' t find the forum. where is it?

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    G Sus Guest

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    fudd69 Guest

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