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Thread: PS3 break Switching between firmware 3.41 and 3.50?

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    Tecca Nina Guest

    Big Grin PS3 break Switching between firmware 3.41 and 3.50?

    Hello, intelligent dudes!

    I'ma start saying that I'm new to this..

    I just got the ps3 break and it just hit me that I cannot play online because it requires firmware 3.41
    It's ok that I can't play the copied games online while using the hack, but I don't want my ps3 being 3.41 permanently.
    Is it there any way to switch between firmwares and use 3.50, if I want to play a game online (with the disk)?

    I could emagine something like running 3.41 through USB, and when im finished I could remove it and the ps3 would act like normal after a reboot. This is probably not possible, but is there any solution to my problem?

    Please help me! <3

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    Karas Guest
    Sorry bro, but as of yet there is no way to do it. If you upgrade to 3.50 there is no way to downgrade. But, give the scene some time and they will come up with a solution, such as Custom FirmWare.

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    jackpollack Guest
    This question has been answered many times on this forum. A little time spent in reading the stickies is well worth it.

    The proxy methods to access PSN no longer work.

    This problem is being worked on, but for now it's an either/or choice. You can play online with 3.50 and forget about JB'ing your PS3 for the foreseeable future OR have a JB'd PS3 with 3.41 (and forget PSN).

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