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Thread: PS3 BR drive problems help?

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    misiekxxl Guest

    PS3 BR drive problems help?

    Hi, i have problem with BR drive. never did any downgrade or anything like that

    i used ps3break 1.2 v1.71 earlier i everything was ok i can play backups and BR games w/o any problems. now when i put disk at drive i heard soud disk was puting on right place then start loading after fee sec 1 mor time i herd the nois like disk want to get in/out and again it start loading and nothing happen.

    i'm not sure when it starts but last 2 thing i do was:

    1) start backup of kungwu rider (multiman with br disk in) when i try to load game from disk icom i got 2 of thems o0 1 with demo games second with kung fu rider

    2) after playing 30 min in kung fu rider i tryied to load brand new starter disk with move games and then first tiem i got loading disk insures

    i reset the ps3 try to load it again and have the same effect now i can't load any BR games. I don't know what can make this insure.

    ah and i notice my whole ext hdd was corupted after this (kungu rider was plyback from ext hdd. i try to find any solution on my own but i failed

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    Portalcake Guest
    It's likely a bad write to the ext hdd. Use Gaia Manager, and kmeaw 3.55.

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    misiekxxl Guest
    finally i decide to update to 3.55 kmeaw but ofc first i did to ofw and when i try to load game from BR i get error code 80010514 maybe this will help to fix/or diagnose my problem

    grr now i can't play anything cuz everything i want to launch asking put BR disk in

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    aamir007 Guest
    Maybe your drive has gone have you tried any other discs.

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    misiekxxl Guest
    dvd / cd works great only br disk wont start

    i think its YLoD so i need to send it back to service

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