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    cucu21 Guest

    Exclamation PS3 BR Drive problem

    Sorry to take up a new thread but i just wanted to know if anyone had this same problem. My ps3 is a 60 gig model and i had it seince release but my problem started like a year ago when my ps3 didnt want to eject my final fantasy 12 ps2 game ... i called sony they told me to hold the eject for as long as it take to eject and that worked but then it wouldnt take any disc in any more.

    After that my ps3 was stored away for a little over 3 months. And i desided to use it as a media player only. But i was confused witch ps3 i had in my room one day and i put a game in and it worked it sucked the game in and reconized it as a game and we played...

    This year when Resident evil 5 came out i played the ps3 with that game and from the looks of it re5 messed up my ps3. I would try to load re4 and it would take more then one try to reconize it. It seems that the lens was going. and the funny part is that once i finished playing re5 and beat it the ps3 stopped accepting disc at all again. But i let my ps3 alone for a month this time and still no disc has yet to be allowed in the ps3 drive. The only way the ps3 will accept a disc is buy placing it in the whole and the green light blinks but nothing happens and then hold the eject botton down untill it sucks the game in and amidietly eject it.

    now my question is has anyone ever experianced this problem. I obviously dont have a warrenty and cant afford at the momment to send it to sony can anyone help cause i know the drive works cause it will take the game if i hold the eject botton so motor works and everything but something is worng with the drive command to suck in the disc.

    glad to hear any type of solution plz and thank you.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest

    Lightbulb Change ur BD Drive Lence

    Hi there, if your PS3 is still in warranty send it to sony for changing the lense.

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    hotd54me Guest


    hey man, i hate to point out something you already know, but without the warranty, basically you're screwed man. There are two options.

    1 What you can do is send it into sony to get the repair and spend a lil over $100. I know you can't afford it now, but save up for it lol there is no point in spending for a new one when you can get urs fixed for $100. oh by the way, if you send in your 60 gb unit, it'll come back with no backwards compatability, cuz they mess with it.

    option 2, order a new ps3 dvd drive off of ebay, anywhere from $50-140 depending on your luck really, then open up the ps3 and swap ur bad drive, with the one bought on ebay.

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    mike1001 Guest

    are the mainboard and the bd-drive not married ? a simple swap of the bd drive is possible ?

    you can change the laser-lens ; not the drive (i think)


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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    THE BD-DRive has to be the same board (and the same REVISION BOARD even) so it's a little more complicated than that... From what you say it's only the sensor inside that senses the disc that is somehow burnt... You can try to dissassemble the drive and just shortcircuit that sensor (manually every time you want to load a game...)

    PS: that is a possible reason you have to open the drive to see!

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    cucu21 Guest


    if i open the ps3 and break the seal of warranty or even break the ps3 will i be able to send the ps3 back for 150 $ and get it fixed? or will that ruin my chance of getting it repaired or replaced? because i'm seriously interested in checking out the guts for myself.

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