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Thread: PS3 Bluray Player Failure help?

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    pfitz321 Guest

    PS3 Bluray Player Failure help?

    Ok guys,

    i'm in need of some help here. my ps3 bluray drive failed. i purchased a replacement without knowing i had to keep the daughter board together with the motherboard.... so i discarded it in the trash.

    well, now the replacement obviously isn't going to work, despite having bought 3 different daughter boards in hope of coming up with a match.

    i have looked all over for the remarry process for ps3 with firmware 3.15 which has linux and don't want to risk messing with the firmware. can someone help with a WORKING link to the remarry files for 3.15!! Please!!!

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    This article may be of use for 3.15:

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    racer0018 Guest
    Just follow the guide that was posted and use the correct firmware for the remarry. If you have any questions just post up. thanks

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