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Thread: ps3 bluray drive won't mount

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    philharmonik Guest

    ps3 bluray drive won't mount

    I have installed ubuntu 8.10 on my ps3 but if I try to read the blu ray drive i get the will not mount error?

    I installed Yellowdog 6.1 on my PS3 and it detected and was able to read my blu ray drive in the ps3. Now im copying the contents over the network. I didnt even have to mess with anything to get it to work. I guess it already had udf 2.5 support? OH well its working so Im not messing with a thing. I will be using BD Rebuilder to create the files I need to burn to a DL dvd. Let you know how everything turns out.

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    philharmonik Guest

    Unhappy Still having trouble

    after trying to encode with BD Rebuilder I get errors. I used my PS3 with Yellowdog 6.1 to transfer the content of the disc over the network. I didnt use any dvd hd to decrypt anything I just went straight to the folder with the BDMV. BD Rebuilder found it and I could see that the movie was there along with the audio.

    After it got to 100% is when the error happened. Had something to do with Haali Media splitter. Said something about file not recognized. I guess im going to transfer the blu ray files again from the ps3 over to my computer and try again!

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    CJPC Guest
    It may not be recognizing the files as they may need to be decrypted first, with something like AnyDVD HD etc before its rebuilt.

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    philharmonik Guest

    I just tried that

    I created an iso image from the BDMV and Certificate folders and mounted them with Virtual Clone Drive. Used any dvd hd to decrypt to hd and it seemed to work!

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