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Thread: PS3 Bluetooth Headset on Windows XP?

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    raze88 Guest

    PS3 Bluetooth Headset on Windows XP?

    Hey guys,

    I wanted a good mono Headset for some time now, so i bought,de

    Yes, it says "FOR PS3". But it should work with any PC/Phone also (says the manual). Well, it doesn't! I can connect it to my PC but i can't select it as my Audio device.

    Anyone successfully connected a BT HS to a Windows PC?

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    IanJ Guest
    I assume your PC has BT capability? Can you pair it with the PC? If you can pair it but do nothing with it, I would suggest it needs drivers.

    With other logitech devices (steering wheels) I downloaded the similar device drivers from their website and it got them up and running on my PC. Maybe they do a BT headset for the PC? If not do some digging around and find out who actually makes the headset and find their drivers or just try some random ones until you get it running.

    When you do... write up a how to for others

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    daphate Guest
    To connect a bluetooth headset to a PC (running windows) you need either Toshiba BT Stack or BlueSoleil stack. Windows BT stack doesn't contain BT headset routines.

    Toshiba BT stack can be found at

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    agreed, you must install the correct bluetooth stack; then you will get more success with pairing and getting the required services needed for the air piece.

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    raze88 Guest
    Thanks, downloading now! Awesome to get help for such an old thread

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