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Thread: ps3 blue ray drive issues help?

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    fbhTurtle13 Guest

    ps3 blue ray drive issues help?

    hi all, i have done ton of searching and have not found a answer yet. i bought a ps3 40gb cechg01 off ebay that needed a blue ray drive. i have a 60gb ps3 cech01 too that has ylod and a cechh01 too with same issue.

    my question is what drive is needed to fix the cehg01 and do it need to have the laser or laser and board swaped to work. i put the 60gb drive in first and it would take the disc and spin but nothing else and the other 40gb acts like it really wants to work but seems to be stuck.

    i just want to make sure it got that right parts to fix it b4 i rule out that the maybe the laser or drive is bad and have to buy more parts. any info would be great! also it has 3.5 firmware.

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    cackalack Guest
    yes m8 you have to change the logic board as that is matched to the motherboard do the drives look the exactly the same because some 40gigs have different drives as half way through production they changed to dual laser it's easy to tell without opening the drive.

    basically the single laser drive has the logic board on the outside and the casing is dull, the dual laser drive has the board inside with a shiny bottom casing look at pics left pic is dual right is single.

    edit: sorry reading my answer back it doesn't make sense, basically the 40gig you bought should have a single laser drive, so your drive out of the 60gig ylod should be the same change the boards and use that one, the cechh01 should be a dual laser take that out and put iut on ebay get youself 50

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    fbhTurtle13 Guest
    got ya! thanks again

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Are you sure about this? I had a 40gb Chechg01 or w/e, but the laser failed. I popped it open, found the model # of the laser, and ordered one for 40$, laser only, and replaced it. You can pay like 15$ extra to get the laser and the rails and all, and just swap it without tearing down the laser. I'm just curious as to what laser model # the 60 gig uses, anyone can shed some light on that? I believe the 40gig is Kem400AAA, I will check and post when I find my broken one.

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