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Thread: PS3 Blu-ray question help?

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    oceansoul Guest

    PS3 Blu-ray question help?


    I don't fix with any way black screen on my ps3 i try all what you suggest also with 4 penny... my question is that my friend selling ps3 without hdd and without bluray ps3 i have hdd and bluray !

    i know when put my hdd in this ps3 that i lose everything and hdd will be reformatted but what happen with bluray because friends bluray doesn't work mine is work is problem to change from ps3 mine bluray to ps3 friends ...

    i need this information for bluray because its cheep ps3 but i don't wont to waste money if this doesn't work !

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Is the Blu Ray drive the same as the one in his PS3? Because there are a lot of variations. If his PS3 is on 3.55 (or less) firmware you could install a CFW that works without a BD drive and play games of a HDD. If you can't find out what FW it is or if your BD drive will work on it I would just leave it.

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    oceansoul Guest
    on my not workin ps3 is 3.70 firmware but bluray is 100% working on second one is 3.55 firmware ofw also ! Can i use from my ps3 bluray and change it from this one 3.55 ?

    Both ps3 is fat one with 3.70 is ps3 60gb with 4 usb ports and with motherboard cok002 and second ps3 is cechg ps3 also fat ! just want of 2 consoles made one to work !

    Original ps3 bluray is BMD-003 and its not working and i have BDM-001 from my ps3 is i compatible device ?

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