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Thread: PS3 with Blu-ray problem help?

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    OreoMaster Guest

    PS3 with Blu-ray problem help?

    I am new to the ps3 scene, help a noob brother out. My friend wants to sell me his jailbroken ps3 slim with a bluray drive that wont accept disks. He says that the games on multiman still work despite the bluray problem. Does this mean the logic board is still fine? Also, he says that that the bluray drive needs to be replaced in order to add new games on multiman. Should I buy this? He's asking for $115

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    misiozol Guest
    Games will work with broken BD drive as cfw allows this , but you have to calculate your self what is best option 4 you as console needs to downgraded to 3.55 as this fw allows for remarry bd-drive it could be very problematic for new users/technical noobs , and you have to buy bd-drive as well , sometimes is best way to add 100$ and buy working one but choice is yours

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    OreoMaster Guest
    One more supernoob question: The fact that the ps3 can still run emulators and play games means that the logic board is working right? Also, is the bluray drive required to install games on multiman? Thanks alot

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    niwakun Guest
    Logic board is still working fine, for discless support, just install and use Iris Manager, it has a quite nice Discless support. Or maybe replace the lens module on the BD drive.

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    misiozol Guest
    Well any manager will do fine multiman/iris etc. you don't need bd drive as you can transfer them from external source as hdd/pendrive, you need BDdrive only to transfer/rip game from BD disc to your console no one can tell you if logic board is damaged or no unless you try it your self chances are you can replace only laser and will be alive

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