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    Adz1 Guest

    PS3 Blu-ray Playback help?

    I recently started using my ps3 again. But it was previously downgraded and at the time i read that i had lost my bluray playback as i had the 256mb fat model.

    However, i have read that the fix is determined on a bluray which you have played. But i wanted to know will your ps3 still be affected by this even if you have never played a bluray movie before? If yes then is the method the same to repair.

    thanks any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I doesn't matter if you used the Blu ray or not before. What does matter is that you lost it. The same is used to fix it. I will look for the files on my computer but it will not be into late tonight or maybe even tomorrow. I hate being with the inlaws. Lol.

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    Adz1 Guest
    Hi, thanks for the suggestion. the files would be greatly appreciated.

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