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    lopaka311 Guest

    PS3 Blu-ray fix not knowing what's been played help?

    ok I tried going down to 2.1 firmware then upgrading to 3.41 no go, so there was another way mentioned something about replacing 3 files well I downloaded the files but would like to know how to replace them.

    1. what program do I use?

    2. is there a tutorial for said program and where?

    3. do I just search through the ps3 files and copy over the ones with the same info as the 3 files I downloaded (from this site) they were in the tut on downgrading from 3.50

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    CJPC Guest
    I suggest you check out this thread, it has the program, and a guide on how to do it!

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    lopaka311 Guest
    the drl tools will not help me with out knowledge of what's been played on the ps3... correct?

    I'm trying the steps from the previous tutorial from what I remember...

    ok I tried going down to 2.1 firmware then upgrading to 3.41 no go.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, how many blu-ray movies do you have? If only a few, I'd try the newest movie you have.

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    lopaka311 Guest
    I've only got the shrek box set but I'm the third owner and the second owner has every movie ever made on one disk type or another he has over 40,000 copied dvd + at least 500 blu rays

    Quote Originally Posted by Heapy1983 View Post
    So I've been scratching my head over how to restore my Blu-ray playback, and I'd been unsuccessful until today. I thought that the only 2 Blu-Rays I'd watched on my PS3 were Apocalypto and Transformers. I'd been messing around with the MKB files and running them through DRLgen to create the .bin files, without any success.

    I then stumbled across th BD Data Utility on the XMB, on here it showed details of all the Blu-Ray films I had watched, along with the dates. This reminded me that I had watched 2012 also (a copy I borrowed, so didn't have the original disc), and that it was the most recent film I had watched. I managed to find the generated DRL file online, along with the knowledge that it was level 16 security.

    All I did was to create a DRL from a Bluray I had (Transformers) using the MKB_RO.inf to create the 2 .bin files. I then opened these up in a hex editor and replaced the HEX with the DRL info from 2012 I found on the net. I put these in the "PS3bluray" folder on my USB, inserted into the PS3, ran DRL copy and after restarting my PS3, BLU-Ray was restored!

    Just to confirm, my hard drive was formatted when I downgraded, and when I restored my data from a back up it kept the data on the "BD Data info" on the XMB.

    Basically this info can help re jog your memory over what discs have been played, along with the dates. I hope this helps anyone in a similar position I was In.

    what does he mean by BD Data Utility on the XMB?

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    Under video on the xmb it has BD data utility...

    BD Data Utility: Administrative data used by Blu-ray Discs (BDs) is saved.

    But what i you formatted the hdd and doesn't have a backup ? you screwed ?

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    Dayclone Guest
    I think its PS Jailbreak 2 or PSBreak 2 that has some utility that restores BD playability. Just search for it.

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