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Thread: PS3 Blu-ray Encryption Key help?

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    IslaTurbine Guest

    PS3 Blu-ray Encryption Key help?

    Hello all,

    I've got an original fat 60gb running 3.41 Hermes. Our son just got a new blu-ray and it wouldn't play when we put it in. The system says the encryption key is out of date and must be updated. Am I screwed or is there a workaround? I've looked at the downgrade blu-ray fix but I'm not sure whether or not that would help me.

    So I've done some searching and it seems the only answer I can find is that I have to do a System Update which would obviously kill my Hermes. Any thoughts?


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    muqset101 Guest
    there is a way to remarry you bd..

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    niwakun Guest
    downgrade way to 2.52 (fat consoles) or 3.15 (Slim Consoles) to remarry blu-ray using the service mode tools provided by someone. It's hassle free process unless you have trouble disassemble the top cover of your PS3 and doing service mode, downgrades.

    I did done re-marry a BD drive on my PS3 for less than a 20mins, which 70% of the time is all you have to do is idle around until it's done.

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Stupid question, but why would I have to remarry the drive when it's the original and is still working?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You don't need to remarry the drive if it still works. And yes you need to do a soft update cause the bd fw is in the ps3's fw. Douring the update the update core flash the bd drive with the new fw. So you get the new keys and the new bd-fw. If you afraid of loosing your hermes dump your dev_flash but not with hardware flasher. Just read it with soft, save it and after update write it back to your dev_flash.

    Oh and if you need to update to higher fw and you will loose cfw then you will need a hardware dump with flasher first so you can afterwards downgrade and flash back your cfw. But i'm not 100% sure if the bd will keep his fw bud i'm guess so.

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    cryingraven Guest
    Hi there,

    It seems I've stumbled upon someone who knows what is going on so perhaps I can ask this question here and get a valid reply. Please bear in mind that I am a complete noob with this and the first time I tried to enter the scene I messed up my system and today I am going to try again using a new PS3 I got yesterday so when you give your reply, please speak to a 3 year old, not a genius otherwise I won't know anything I read

    Right, so I have the original 60G PSŁ and it worked 100% perfectly with 0 errors of any kind! then bought a ps3Break Dongle and attempted to install the FM from there. Unfortunately I was already on 3.6x at the time and at that time I had no idea that the FW was in any way important. Anyway, as you can expect, nothing happened except my blu ray stopped spinning. The common consensus is that my drive's lens burnt out and that I have to replace the entire drive unit to get a new lens that works...

    This seems stupid to me because I know I can get the lenses separate on eBay but more importantly, the drive worked perfectly before I started messing around with the dongle. I thus believe that the drive needs to be remarried to the board but since the FW was already way beyond 3.55 I figured there was noway so I continued to use this PS3 for PSN only and thus already upgraded it to 4.0 now.

    I then went and bought a slim ps3, got home and looked at the FW and found it is 3.56! Just my luck. So yesterday I traded it for a 40G slim version on 3.12. I am now busy looking at the various CFW to decide which one to download to join the scene.

    Anyways, after spending all that cash on buying a new PS3, I am a (lot) short on dough but then noticed the e3 flasher that will allow me to downgrade any FW to 3.55 and I am thinking I want that. However, since yesterday I no longer need it for the second PS3 but up till yesterday my question was "Do I put it on my new ps3 so I can have a modded device on CFW or do I use it on the original with ps2 support and try to fix the drive". I now want to do the latter.

    My question is this:

    If I now get the e3 flasher and install it on the original PS3, is it possible to remarry the drive or do you agree that the whole unit needs replacing? The thing that bothers me with replacing the entire drive is the fact that if it is in deed a software fix that is required, won't the new drive have the exact same remarrying problem?

    On the other hand, the drive worked perfectly until that very morning then stopped working after the messing around with CFW so I believe the drive to be fine, but even with constant OFW updates, the drive never got fixed during the updates so... does FW updates automatically update BD FW or is that a separate process?

    Basically, I don't know whether a hardware or software fix is required. I don't know how to determine which and in the case of software I have no idea what I need or what the process is. Each time I find someone saying anything about marrying the drive, they give 2 sentences mentioning it and that is that so I really have no info on that either.

    I did see a guy on youtube fix his ps3 with the exact same problem as mine, using a few dongle replacements and reboots but it stated something about os 2.x and as I understand it, downgrading FW of any level is impossible (or is that impossible on anything OFW or only FW over 3.55???)

    anyways, if you could please help me to get my PS3 fixed I would be eternally grateful!

    I forgot to mention. Going into the service mode menu and selecting restore filesystem it does report that my filesystem is corrupted and downloads/installs the fix. When I try doing it again directly afterwards it says the same again. Not sure if that is in any way relevant but I thought I'd mention it anyways

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    cfwprophet Guest
    First you don't need to remarry. This is only needed if you use a drive with a other revision. Eg. your drive is a PORSCHE and is damaged now you buy a new drive but this one is a VW then you need to remarry cause the ps3 knows that your drive is a PORSCHE. The remarrying would change the info on the ps3 that your drive now is a VW. So as long you use the same drive or even a new one with the same revision you do not need to remarry

    Also i know that in first days of hacking on ps3 some guys screwed up the dev_flash3 folder which contains infos about the bd drive. After that bd movies couldn't be played any more. There for sceners developed the software fix. Im not sure if this software fix and the one you talked about via the service mode to remarry will be the same. But as i sayed remarrieng is needed if the revision of the drive has changed or the ps3 lost the info about that.

    Chances are high that the lense hase died. Thoes lasers are crappy. Specially the one of the first revisions like FAT PS3 with 40, 60 GB not sure about the 80GB one's. Generally the ps3 bd lasers are not really high quality one. Open up your con and look if you can see the blue laser lightning when you turn on the ps3. You also need to open the drive it self so you can see the lens. If it doesn't lightning you know for 100% sure the lens is dead.

    Yes during update the core do flash the bd fw by itself.

    At last a other question doe's the drive start to spin and then stop or doe's it just nothing ? I know from my drive of the good old 60GB ps3 that if the lense is dead it even wont start spinning in case of the drive doesn't get signal's from the lense and so it think's there is no disk inserted or available. So if it start's spinning and then it stop's i highly guess that it need to be married.

    (If i something have mixed up or misunderstood feel free to correct me)

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Well I hear what you're saying on not needing to remarry but this post leads me to believe it can still fix my encryption issue:

    If this truly is a non-fixable issue (besides doing a firmware update), won't EVERYONE running 3.55 CFW be screwed about 18 months after they installed 3.55 CFW?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    This tutorial is in first point to get back BD playback. In first days some have screwed up there Dev_Flash3 folder which contains some infos for bd playback. This tut will fix this. But the encryption keys for movies are in the bd fw on the drive it self. So im highly guess that it wont fix your prob cause the keys are in the fw updates and get flashed to the drive not placed in dev_flash3 folder.

    Look in a special way it's simple backup your consoles flash, do the update to 4.0 and flash back your previous made dump. Thats it. And to be sure also backup those files from the hdd called in the thread you have posted.

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    Look in a special way it's simple backup your consoles flash, do the update to 4.0 and flash back your previous made dump. Thats it. And to be sure also backup those files from the hdd called in the thread you have posted.
    Sorry, I've been out of the scene for awhile. Could you explain what exactly you mean by this?


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