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    PS3 blu-ray drive stopped playing games help?

    can anyone help, my blu-ray drive stopped playing games ?

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    Apr 2010
    maybe the blu-ray laser is blown. Does it play DVDs and/or CDs?

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    Oct 2008
    Clean it and check the laser - if you only see a red dot then it's screwed.

    I found that a lot of drives with read errors just needed the laser rails cleaning & re-greasing - these are the 2 metal rods that the laser slides back & forth on. Check that the game disc actually spins up - if not you need a new spindle motor...

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    Quote Originally Posted by garycollins View Post
    can anyone help, my blu-ray drive stopped playing games ?
    just buy a new laser

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    If it's just that one game not working it's probably the disc. But like every one here already mentioned, Clean the laser or buy a new one.

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