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Thread: PS3 Blu Ray Drive Problem

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    scopeh Guest

    Exclamation PS3 Blu Ray Drive Problem

    Good evening,

    I seem to be having some problems with my PS3 Blu Ray drive.

    It will not accept a disc or eject. A bit like this movie

    When i press the eject button the ps3 beeps 3 times.

    I have tried a realignment and have also tested the worm screw battery and it seems to be functioning.

    The sensor on the lid seems to be operating as when insert disc with the ps3 off , it turns on.

    I have searched online for a fix without prevail, any tips or fixes would be appericated, this forum is unfortuanly my last resort, if a FAIL, i am going to have to purchase a new drive

    Many Thanks


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    CJPC Guest


    Are all of the data cables going between the PS3 -> BD Drive connected properly, without any rips or tears? I'd double check every flexible cable running into, or out of the BD drive, its possible one of those were ripped, or disconnected.

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    scopeh Guest
    I'll check them out.. thanks

    unfortunately it was not the ribbons would anyone else have an idea? please thanks

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    gnarlyskull Guest

    Lightbulb Have you disassembled the drive itself?

    DVD/CD/BR drives that front load through a slot (like the PS3) can act pretty funky if there's a foreign object stuck in there. I've heard of rental games losing the store sticker inside the PS3 drive and causing problems. My car deck also wouldn't accept discs until I discovered my 4 year old had stuck a cheesy in it. If you've played rental games, look for the store's sticker inside your drive.

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    scopeh Guest
    i've had the drive apart, checked the motor is working and realigned also the sensor is working fine as when i place disc in the ps3 boots up, however the mechanism that pull the disc in is not functioning.

    When i press the eject button the ps3 beeps 3 times.. Any ideas?

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