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Thread: PS3 Blu-ray drive lens problem help?

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    greencaty Guest

    Confused PS3 Blu-ray drive lens problem help?

    I recently got my fat 60gb ps3 back from reballing (ylod) and it was functioning perfectly fine. I had no previous problems with the bluray drive.

    I decided yesterday to move from my 3.41+ psgroove to 3.55 kmeaw. I did this by first updating to 3.55 ofw and then updating to the cfw using recovery. The update worked and the br drive worked fine at the beginning. However, after a bit of playing with backup managers trying to make cod4 and swtfu the disk disappeared from the xmb.

    From my testing neither bluray games nor movies or ps2 games are detected. The ps3 is not even spinning the disk (it ejects them the same side they were inserted) and the clock in the xmb keeps on doing the loading animation.

    Did my lens coincidentally die today or did I manage to mess it up somehow with the cfw ?

    Thank you in advance

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    miandad Guest
    install original firmware 3.55 play a game with bd then install cfw.

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