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    [Answered] PS3 Blu Ray Drive Help?

    I bought a used ps3 on ebay. The blu ray drive is not working. When I opened up the ps3, the power cable is there. However, I do not see the cable to connect the blu ray drive to the motherboard. There is a small clip by the power cable but I thought there is supposed to be a larger clip also. What is this small clip for? Is the large clip part of the drive or is it part of the controller board? If it is part of the drive, I can just replace the drive? If it is part of the controller board, is it possible to replace?
    Best Answer - Posted by mushy409:

    Have you tried searching google for the PS3 bluray laser disassembly?

    Youtube has plenty of info on how to strip the drive.

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    there should be a ribbon cable to connect from the bottom of the blu ray drive to the motherboard.. on the 60gb models anyway. it does go to the controller board. the blu ray drives are married to the motherboard and cannot easily be replaced. you can however take the controller board off your current drive and replace it onto another blu ray drive. it depends on what model you have..

    you can check on you tube ylod repair video by gilksy and it will at least show you what it should look like. you can do re marrying of another bluray drive to your mo.board but again depends on what fw etc. use ps3 news search for remarry of br drive.

    hopefully this helps.

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    Thanks. After taking apart the drive I realize the clips are there for the cables, the person who I bought the drive from had hidden them under the cover. The blu ray drive looks pretty beat up. The thin wire (by the power cable) that goes from the control board to the drive is broken. However, am I correct that if I buy a new blu ray drive it would contain this wire and I just plug it into the control board? By the way, the model no is a CECHE01.

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    yeah, just take your original control board, that matches up to your motherboard, off the broken drive and put it on the new drive then install into the ps3. i did a drive swap myself not so long ago. that little wire is very important, i think it controls the motor that ejects/inserts discs. i'm not 100% sure as i haven't got a ps3 to open up and check it out on on hand.

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    please look at this link:

    that disc drive is compatible with models a01, b01, e01
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    Thanks for the guide. After looking at it, I was able to fix the problem with inserting discs into the drive and it got me thinking that the drive may be worth fixing. The drive sensors are pretty cheap ($5-$10). My guess is I will probably discover that the laser lens needs replacing and that is why the drive was taken apart in the first place.

    However, the cables on the control card have been removed from the drive. It appears the brown cable should be attached to the clip on the left hand side of the control card. The cable on the bottom (all the way to the right) should be attached to the clip on the mother board. The cable next to that (second from the right) should be attached to the clip on the blu ray drive (thin white cable). I do not see where the two remaining cables (the two on the bottom left) need to be attached. Can anyway help?

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    thank you i am glad that i could help you

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    You can check ebay/craigslist for a broken PS3 for donor parts. That will probably be the only way to get just those wires.

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    I think you misunderstood my question. I have the cables. The cables are attached to the controller card. I am trying to figure where the cables need to be attached. Any help would be appreciated?

    ok. I think I have figured out where all the cables go. The only one that I can't figure out how to connect and the placement of the cable is the one that clips onto the laser deck (the brown in white piece shown in the bottom right of the attached picture). Does the cable connect to the clip from the left or the right?

    Also, the cable must then somehow get to the other side of the drive so it can connect up to the control board/daughter board. However, I am not sure where to feed the cable to get it there.
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    OHHH ok. Well aren't they bent in such a way that they sort of fall where they should be connected naturally? Can you take some pictures of both sides of your drive and post them? I can probably help you if I can see it.

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