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    logawi3 Guest

    Exclamation ps3 blu ray drive help

    Hey guys, i've been having a problem with my ps3 for ahwhile but never had the chance to do anything about it till now so my question is. My ps3 drive stopped working it could take the cd in and out but when the cd is inside the cd it doesnt spin. Does that mean the drive is fried or something else is fried? The PS3 can turn on just fine, using the controllers, everything responds just the cd not spinning. If you need any more details just leave something down there i'll probably be watching this thread for quite a while :[

    Model # CECHA01

    First Gen PS3
    60 GB
    4 USB Ports

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    Frago Guest


    Logawi3 my friend had the same situation and the problem in his blu-ray driver was the one cable that for the spinning device had come off and the only thing i did was to put this back to its position, you should do the same.

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