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    PS3 Blu-ray drive glitch help?

    Hi there. I've been having this problem for some time now. My blu-ray drive works just fine with all the discs for about 20 minutes and then starts doing this:

    At first I thought it was a mechanical problem, but after opening the drive everything seems to be working fine. I cleaned the lens and dusted off the drive, but the problem continues.

    Once, after inserting the Batman Begins blu-ray the film didn't even start, but instead i got the 80010514 error. I looked into it on the internet, I tried rebuilding the PS3 file system and, strangely, the drive was working for almost 2 hours. Then the glitch returned.

    At first I wanted to give up, but since restoring the file system worked (at least a bit) i'm starting to think it may be a problem with blu-ray drivers. What else can I do from the software side to fix it?

    Thanks in advance

    And sorry for the video, I'm hopeless at this

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    Did you try restore file system ??? You also might need a laser ???

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    Yes, i restored file system, it worked for some time but then broke down again. I also rebuilt database, but that didn't change anything. Isn't it that when your laser is down it doesn't read at all? Mine works fine for a couple of minutes, only then stops.

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    Okay you do need a new laser that for sure.

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    Definitely need a laser it is going bad.

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    I would have to agree... I have had a few lasers go out on me before with different stand alones and not fun to replace.

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    what model of ps3 do you have ??? it look like to me you have the 400 model from the video you posted.

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    Not sure if this is a similar problem, but there's a 12 page long thread on the official playstation website with lots of people having problems with their ps3 slims not reading blu-rays after the firmware updates from the past year or so.

    My slim doesn't read discs until I eject and insert them about 10-20 times, and then the games run fine. Any thoughts?

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