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Thread: PS3 Blu-ray doesn't work help?

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    oceansoul Guest

    PS3 Blu-ray doesn't work help?

    I fix few problems from my ps3 ! But have issue with bluray old one is dead i buy new one and read guide but not helped me !

    PS3 FAT
    FIRMWARE kmeaw 3.55

    I just use 3.55 files for remarry bluray drive i use pup 3.30 ofw and put on root usb with this files ! i use my ps3go usb to go in service mode and done that ! Put usb with remarry files and I have massage that process pass and ps3 automatically shutdown i remove usb with remarry files put bluray movie, than bluray games ... try more times !

    Bluray led blue doesn't show blue light but i can enter bluray disc and eject tham but doesn't show or play games or movies ... After i put movie and game i left service mod... Help needed.

    Edit: Fix bluray ! works now ! But i have still small problem ! I just open whole bluray clean lens and all things back in case than i do once more remarry and works read and play movies and games also !

    But strange is that bluray led doesn't lighting anymore when is bluray inserted and when is played ? i just have working green led and when is ps3 shutdown red ! How to fix this that bluray led also work ?

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    racer0018 Guest
    The ribbon that controls the Blu-ray player sometimes gets messed up and needs to be fixed by replacing the ribbon or cutting the bottom off a little and sticking it back in. Pull it apart and check to see if the ribbon is cracked a little and if it is, do as I stated and let me know if it works. Thanks

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    oceansoul Guest
    I check all cables on bluray and as i see all of tham are good .. bluray works perfect with movies and games but problem is because blu led is not work anymore not lighting ? What cables are for that ?

    Here this image !

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    racer0018 Guest
    What is your ps3. 80gb, 40gb, 60gb or 20gb. Knowing this I would be able to help you more. Thanks

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    oceansoul Guest
    PS3 is 40 GB CECHG motherboard i sem 001 !

    i just use instrument everythings look fine its look like that led is die is it posible to change ? and how is it posible becaouse its so small ?

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    racer0018 Guest
    It is possible to change it. But it would be hard. The 60 and 20s have a ribbon that controls that blue light but yours is on the mother board. So the only other option is to change out the led light. But is it really worth it. Thanks

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    oceansoul Guest

    I buy SMD hot air rework STATION and from my old mobile phone i use led it white but who cares for colour its important that is work ! Now i have whiteray

    I like that all things work it Also i need this equipment for laptops etc ... small home bussnies ! Thanks a lot for help friends !

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