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    [UnAnswered] ps3 blew up now i cant restore any clues ?

    as above my twin daughters decided to see if ps3 would run homebrew and tossed an entire cup of tea all over my beloved ps3 i turned it on was makin some funny noises so i did 1 last backup then switched it off tried again later and finaly it went pop. well the shop replaced it for a brand new shiny 1 now the thing is i cant restore my back up.. im signed in with original user and i have the following folders on my external hdd formatted in fat32.

    and have 4 files in there

    name size
    archive 5,255kb
    archive_00 4,194,304
    archive_01 4,194,304
    archive_02 682,864

    please help me thats over 8.5gb of data im losing.. ps3 states no backup files found. i also tried previous backed up data where am i going wrong.

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    You will probably find that you cannot restore your backup from 1 machine to another for copyright reasons. The original backup will have be locked to your original machine, So I`m afraid you will have to start again.

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    Yeah, I am sorry man. I had a backup of my data right before a fatal fall, got a new one..... but lost 35GB's of data (tear).:hitw

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrtrtrthatever View Post
    my twin daughters decided to see if ps3 would run homebrew and tossed an entire cup of tea all over my beloved ps3
    tooooooo funny.... well, not really, but at least you got it replaced without any problems! what's the lesson in this case, spend more quality time with your children or locked the door to the room with the PS3 in it?

    good luck with the restoration, good news is if you downloaded anything from PSN you can easily retrieve it from the site, including full version games - bad news is you may be SOL when it comes to game saves if you can't get that backup restored.....

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    Easiest thing to do is backup the game saves to the hard drive instead of everything. Some games have copy protected saves though, like Need for Speed Carbon.


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