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Thread: PS3 BLES on US or BLUS on EUR consoles help?

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    srass Guest

    PS3 BLES on US or BLUS on EUR consoles help?

    Hey all. Jw can a BLES game be played on US psn or flipped around BLUS on EUR psn? I'm pretty sure bles games can be played offline on us console?

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    G Sus Guest
    bles game can be played offline on a us console. probably can online too but i wouldnt try it you could get banned.

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    iCEQB Guest
    Why should he get banned? Sony advertises the PS3 as Region free.

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    G Sus Guest
    shouldn't get banned, i just don't like doing anything that could possibly make sony look towards my ps3. i assume playing a lot of Bles games on a US ps3 online would atleast make them look in your direction.

    they will play. whether its good idea , i'm not too sure.

    although i know loads that do, and they've not been banned . (yet)

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    srass Guest
    Dang ok maybe I should just stick with Blus on US console and US PSN

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    G Sus Guest
    no one has been banned for it yet , but sony arent exactly too happy with recent developments in the ps3 scene. and suddenly virtually everyone with cfw is on psn surely sony will be keeping notes.

    like ICEQB said though, the ps3 is meant to be region free so technically it wouldn't be the playing bles games on the us ps3 that got you banned it would only be how you got noticed running cfw.

    its the being caught running cfw youd get banned for.

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    BluRay Guest
    G Sus, playing BLES on a US PS3 have nothing to do with the ps3 scene, Sony will NEVER ban anyone for that, It doesn't make sense at all. I have an US PS3 which is on OFW and I play my BLES Uncharted 3 online just fine on It, been doing that for more than a year.

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    G Sus Guest
    read again, i didnt say you would get banned for playing bles on us ps3, i said its more likely they would notice your cfw, and this could get you banned

    since3 its region free if you have ofw and your running bles games on a us ps3 theres nothing sony could do about it

    my point was yes you can play them, but you could be more like;y to be detected running cfw

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    srass Guest
    So overall I can play bles on us psn and console, but it might get me more attention on cfw right?

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    G Sus Guest
    thats about it. if your not on cfw you've got nothing to worry abou at all. if you are on cfw your probably okey, its probably more likely that multiman would show up in your recently played games and get you banned lol

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