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Thread: PS3 BLES on US or BLUS on EUR consoles help?

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    srass Guest
    Info overload lol. So overall I can play bles games on us console and us psn, that's not what would get me in trouble it's the cfw detection that would

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    G Sus Guest
    yup exactly, and there is many ways it could be detected. so the bottom line is as blueray said. if your worried about being banned dont let a cfw ps3 anywhere near the internet.

    but none of us do that really, we all connect to get game updates and its even possible that could be detected.

    all ps3s on cfw run the risk of sudden ban hammer, its just a risk that has to be there.

    only thing we can hope to achieve , is less likely to be detected, and the golden favourite is cross fingers and hope sony have stopped giving a crap cos ps3 is nearly dead now anyway lol

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    srass Guest
    Ok thank you and thanks to everyone else for the helpful information

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    elser1 Guest
    i buy and play games from all around the world and other psn stores and play them on my psn account. ofw

    there is no trouble as long as your tv will play pal format.

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    G Sus Guest
    this may sound dumb, but i don't buy games on psn so i've no idea.

    what advantage is there in buying say a eur version of a psn game to play on a US system, do PSN games get different release dates or something.

    i know some jap games are unreleased in other countries, can you still get them from psn ?

    not that theres any i'm after, i'm just curious.

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    niwakun Guest
    as far as I know, PS3 game servers are universal, that's why there are country codes or country flag right beside on their handle name on some games.

    But yesm EUR games should work on US PSN but if it relates with DLC, obviously, you cant use the US DLC on the same game on EUR game

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