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Thread: PS3 BLES on US or BLUS on EUR consoles help?

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    srass Guest
    I wish I could stop multiman from showing up lol

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    G Sus Guest
    i think you can. something called ps3 ninja i've never tried it though.

    some resigned versions (PSNinja v3, PSNinja v4 for 4.XX CFW, also Clear History PSN Stealth version MoD update v0.1) are located here:

    i dont play online

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    srass Guest
    Something bout erasing the history and making it read only?

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    G Sus Guest
    yep it also hides multiman and makes it look like a game

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    srass Guest
    Sweet maybe I should get that. What was the something useful about?

    But with it all I need to do is erase history than put it read only?

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    G Sus Guest
    no idea ive never used it , i was only reading it in passing. wasnt really paying full attention. cos i dont play online anyway.

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    BluRay Guest
    G Sus, where did you get that BLES games on US PS3 can get more attention? Sorry, but once again, that doesn't make any sense. I REALLY doubt Sony gives a damn about the region of the games you're playing in your region free ps3.

    I believe erasing history does more harm than good, because It's pretty obvious you erased It and that can only be done on CFW. If you don't want any risk of getting banned, don't get on PSN using CFW, It's possible Sony can see the difference between CFW and OFW to begin with, there were people who got banned without ever playing any game online.

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    G Sus Guest
    yup its possible you could be detected for cfw for many reasons. its also possible sony dont care no more cos ps3 is at end of life. its possible that rudolph the reindeer actually existed. (doubtful)

    the playing BLES games on a US console drawing more attention being a possibility, is nothing more than a possibility. i doubt sony give a damn what region the games are from on your region free console also. i was merely pointing out the POSSIBILITY of it being used as a way of deciding which ones out of the however million psn users there is , for them to take a closer look at.

    i also believe erasing history does more harm than good because it is obvious you've done it, i didnt point the article out to him for that purpose i pointed it out for the purpose of i thought id read it could disguise multiman as another game.

    we seem to agree on everything other than playing BLES games on a us ps3 running cfw, and in the end it was only a discussion on the possibility of such. I can live with disagreeing about a possibilty.

    at no point did i ever say dont play your BLES games on us ps3 cos you will get banned, and at no point did i ever say go delete your game history.

    forgot to say , i also agree with dont play your cfw ps3 online if your worried about getting banned, very good advise that.

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    niwakun Guest
    it is possible to play any game from other region as long as:

    - you use a HDTV monitor in HD resolution

    Else, it will throw you a PS3 error about your screen resolution. Although this kind of screen resolution check doesnt exist in FW 1.00 - 3.41, only in 3.50 - current firmware.

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    G Sus Guest
    luckily most modern tvs will play all games using hdmi lead, a few of the older tvs with rubbish features might go black and white or something silly. but most modern ones are ok

    at least i've had no problems on uk console with us games.

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