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Thread: PS3 Black Screen help?

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    oceansoul Guest

    PS3 Black Screen help?


    Problem is that i dont have anymore picture on TV !

    I try HDMI and composite cable but nothing ! Also i try with standbuy mode. Kepp finger on power when is turn on and 1 beep and shotdown and after that i turn tham on again and keep finger and get 2 beeps and nothing ! I try this with both cables !

    Also i see that hdd led blink 1 time ! What can couse this. Ps3 is fat 60GB with 4 usb ports and motherboard is cok2 !

    When i power tham i get green light but no picture to TV.

    What can be this ?

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    kyubey Guest
    what about the sound? (when the ps3 starts up... the tv should make a sound when the ps3 logo showed up)

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    racer0018 Guest
    I have seen one ps3 of that model where the ps3 had to have the rsx chip reheat or reballed. And I did the reball on it and it worked great. Did you try to hook something the other cables to it not hdmi. Sometimes the hdmi ports go bad also. Thanks and let me know.

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    oceansoul Guest
    not sound and not logo picture i try both cables hdmi and another one and try with trick one bip when you first time power on and second time 2 bips. i use now on another one not hdmi but try also with hdmi ... not success !

    Also i open ps3 clean them also and put new thermal paste and same without picture and sound just ones time hdd blink.

    nope both cables same black screen ... yesterday works fine and i turned them ps3 on today and nothing

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    daivyphuong Guest
    this is fist time use PS3?You use TV LCD LG?

    try recovery mode, maybe fw error

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    etivacaznat Guest
    The Black Screen happened to my PS3 slim also, when I checked it, I found out that the HDMI port on my LCD has ants inside, i cleaned it and transfered to another HMDI port. and it worked !

    Did you tried to use it on another monitor?

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    racer0018 Guest
    When I work on all the ps3s that I do, I have found that some of them will not auto detect the hdmi port and I will use to use the cables the ps3 came with. Did you try these?

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    oceansoul Guest
    i try, multi out for video and audio i have led tv and try also on another tv no sound no picture ... all cables work for sure i try on my friends ps3 but mine not !

    I will use to use the cables the ps3 came with. Did you try these? Yes i did that i post it that i try both outs no sound no picture

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Use the AV cables and try entering recovery mode.

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    oceansoul Guest
    as i write more time i do that HeyManHRU and nothing no sound no picture !

    All what i can do is to turn tham on and off also to try trick first time 1 beep and than shutdown and second time 2 beeps and graphics doesn't reset and i doesn't have anything on screen !

    When ps3 on just once hdd led blink ... Ps3 works but doesnt picture and sound on both connection av and hdmi i try both !

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