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Thread: PS3 Black Screen help?

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    technodon Guest
    how long have you had the console? did it just suddenly start doing this or have you tried to install a nor or nand flasher on it. if its one you bought from eBay has the warranty sticker been removed?

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    oceansoul Guest
    nope this is my first console and doesn't have a flasher its fat console 60gb hdd with 4 usb ports dual nand flash 2x128 motherboard cok002 and firmware 3.70 ... and i buy tham in shop in my city not ebay and works well 2days before and i play it and sudden when i turn on doesn't work !

    few minutes ago i test and try to power on with controller and its not possible ! It have green light but have feeling that doesn't up in some reason ! When i change usb ports controller turned off and back to first port work and olny work usb where i put controller when i turn ps3 ?

    i found on youtube same problem

    But also cant do how to fix tham !

    I try diffrent cables ... diffrent video out ... 2 diffrent TV ... change thermal paste on RSX and CPU ...stilll have same problem

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    stdule Guest
    this is YLOD, GPU RSX reflow or reball.

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    oceansoul Guest
    its not ylod i turn ps3 fine and green led is on not yellow and red flashing like is on ylod ! Everything look fine just problem is that in some reason system not up but green led is ok I try lot of time to change cables video out and turn tham on and turn off 1 beep 2 beep ...

    Need help but for sure this is not ylod

    Also i try to enter blueray disc and its in and blueray led is on also and normal i eject blueray disc but doesnt read tham and give picture and sound !

    Can this fixed anyone see this problem on ps3 ?

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    stdule Guest
    There are several symptoms ylod or glod, the graphics chip overheating solder under the RSX chip is cracking and needs a reflow or reball.

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    oceansoul Guest
    I don't know how to reflow or reball and what is mean ? I change thermal paste on CPU and RSX and same problem

    I done with hair drive 20 minutes CPU RSX and south bridge and not helped me ...

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    2High4U Guest
    have you tried turning it on buy only holding the power button till it beeps one time then let go that should reset the video output. This happened to me also i had to go through hell trying to figure out what was happening in the end i had to use my xbox 360 and my lg plasma tv to actually fix it.

    i connected the 360 to my lg got it into 1080p cause the ps3 was outputting in hdmi then took it back and hooked it up to my cheapo tv the 360 started up so then i tried the ps3 and hey presto it worked don't know how but it did i believe its something to do with certain tv's and the ps3, cheap tv's seem to be the biggest culprits.

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    daivyphuong Guest
    have you ever red screen?

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    KAOTICAL Guest
    2high4u actually has the best upfront solution.. make sure ps3 is on component and not hdmi if your using old school playstation plug for your output to tv.. because it will be a black screen with no sound.. component is used for old school playstation console plug which has (rca 3 white yellow outputs to tv or the hdmi 5 wire outputs to tv.. green blue red video cables/ red white audio cables).. to switch your console over to either hdmi or playstation plug.

    first, hold power down it will turn on then off.. second, hold power down until you get one beep then let go (two beeps takes you into safe mode).. this will switch your video selector on ps3 console to hdmi cable (identical tips cable) output to the old school playstation plug output (with three to five wires on opposite end) or viceversa which ever one your using.. it takes about ten seconds to switch over..

    if switching your console video over didn't work... you may have to do heat gun 4 penny trick.. i do both.. heat-gun helps with re-ball issues.. 4 penny helps with future issues against rsx/motherboard separation.. new thermo paste helps with keeping it cool.. heat gun

    four penny trick

    these to fixes have fixed all my power up issues..

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