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    Satguy Keano Guest

    PS3 Black screen help?

    Hi guys, I've finally joined this forum. I've been around since day 1 of JB PS3 but need to ask this question that no one so far has given me a answer and the question is what causes black sceen on playstations ?

    You turn the thing on get the green light but nothing on screen no picture and no sound, does not matter if its hdmi or av.

    I have come across four consoles in the last year like this, the latest one worked for about a hour then when I turned it on again no picture, no sound but stays on.

    I think the gpu has failed but not sure, any ideas anyone ?



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    technodon Guest
    hold down the power button until you hear two beeps that will reset the graphics card, black screen can be caused by a number of things be very wary of buying used consoles with no picture especially after the release of nor flashers if the warrenty sticker has been removed and you see no signs of life from the hard drive light someone probably installed a nor flasher and flashed a backup from a different console and without a back of the consoles original per console key its bricked for good..

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    elser1 Guest
    i'd say there will be a lot of bricked consoles for sale on ebay etc.. can you call sony to ask them, i know they'll say send it in and give us a $250 to repair it but i'd try there and here also. some of the experts here are great.. wheres barry gone? he was the man for this sorta thing. barrybarryk where are you?

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    racer0018 Guest
    There are some answers on why they do this. One is that the ps3 is bricked because of someone messing with it, some of these still can be saved but not many. It is a roll of the dice. The other one is that it has not auto detected the hdmi cable, easy fix hold down the power button to reset this. (good answer technodon) and the last one. Is the gpu chip needs to be fixed, if that is reballing or reflowing. These is all the ones that have ran into. Some have been saved and some have not. thanks

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