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Thread: ps3 black screen help?

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    alico18 Guest

    ps3 black screen help?

    I have a ps3 80gb and I am having trouble getting it to turn on. I have tried it on 4 different tvs and I have tried 6 different cables 2-HDMI, 2- original 3 prong and 2- monster cables. With the Monster cable I can get a black screen with 3 to 4 wide white lines racing with them going up and down, I get nothing with the HDMI cables and the with the original cables I get a solid black screen and no more.

    I have tried to reset the video and that dose nothing for getting a pic. The green light comes on and you can hear the ps3 running far as the fans and all you can see the HDD light flash some and you can insert games and see the blue light on the ps3 but no video or sound on the ps3 nor will the controllers connect to the ps3. Any help on this problem would be great, Thank you!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Attach the original red white yellow cable that came with your ps3 and hook up to tv. Do video reset. Turn the system on, attach ps3 controller with usb mini cord. If you get one light on the controller, you are in business, if you don't the PS3 is broken.

    If that is the case, if you are lucky you can try holding the power button (from system off) till the system beeps and turns off, then hold power button again until the system beeps, then doubles, then release from power button. This should get you to a screen you can not only see, but be able to recover your system from.

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    TechGeek990 Guest
    Try what Hacked2123 mentioned above. If that doesn't work then most likely the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is completely dead.

    Hacked2123 could it be possible that he has a partial YLOD and the GPU has become disconnected from the motherboard?

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    alico18 Guest
    Ok i have tried that i hooked it up with the original cables and did a video reset and got my black screen that I have been getting then I plugged in my controller and did not get one red light, it was trying to connect but could not. I still tried the next part and when I hold down the power button till it cut off then going the next round I don't get the double beep i get one and then the next beep is it cutting off.

    Could it be a partial YLOD and the GPU has become disconnected from the motherboard? i have a PS3 that i use all the time that had YLOD and i just cleaned it, heat gunned it and put new compound on it and it works like a charm would that fix this one?

    i tried with no luck i did not get a red light on the controller. could it be a partial YLOD and the GPU has become disconnected from the motherboard?

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    Krisdog Guest
    A little different process rolling and resetting your GPU, I can tell you from experience that your video card is GONE. Thant is the ugly truth, and based on what you have posted. you have exhausted all your option for defaults. If it under warranty send it back, legally they cannot alter your personal info and firmware falls in that category.

    If not I'm sorry to say start shopping for a ps3 unless you have the proper tools and know how. The GPU has to be rolled back onto the motherboard like a steam roller if you will. I have the tools and know how and failed. I wish you luck!

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    alico18 Guest
    Is there any think else to check or is it for sure that the video card is gone. should I not be getting audio with no video if the video card is gone? Any other tricks that I could try?

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    hekimbaba Guest
    If you hear only sound without video. Probably you have problem with your GPU card. Try to give it service if it is possible..

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    alico18 Guest
    I have neither sound or video it just comes on by the power button and you hear the fans start up and all the drive responds if you put in a disk and allows it to eject but you have not video or sound just black screen and then sometime when you do the video reset you get a black screen with 5 to 6 lines vertical on the screen that you can tell are rolling.

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    JedTanner Guest
    Have you tried doing a hard reset? Try the link:

    I hope this helps! I am also leaning towards a busted video card. You may need to call Sony Customer Service if it's still under warranty. If not, you'll have to source for the parts from busted PS3 units that are compatible to yours. Good luck!

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    alico18 Guest
    if it is a busted video card then would just replacing the motherboard do the trick or is there more to it than that I have seen were you could get motherboards from any were from 75 to 100. I am not able to do the hard rest because I never get a screen up i hold the buttons but no screen up no video.

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