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    psnnemesis Guest

    PS3 Black Ops 2 on CFW question help?

    i was wondering if the following was possible to do

    1. install say black ops 2 psn version on cfw ps3 with current patches and cfw4.3+ fix / edat
    2. the connect cfw ps3 to a ofw ps3 via multiman ant then transfer the installed game files over to ofw ps3 and then be able to play on ofw ps3?

    this might been asked or disproved but i couldn't find any info on this

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    Azrial Guest
    I doubt it, as Multiman wouldn't be able to communicate with the OFW, if it was possible, people would have been doing this months ago, and never getting banned.

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    dyceast Guest
    You don't need Multiman to Data transfer. But i doubt it will work for Black ops 2... Or most popular games.

    It does work on some games though. There is a list of working games, but this was quite a while ago now, an was games like Fat Princess etc etc

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