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    stone699 Guest

    PS3 better than XBOX 360?

    Hey, I was only wondering why the XBOX360 fans can't seem to understand why the PS3 is better?

    Does anyone know, cause I know the PS3 is better I think the XBOX360 fans are so stubborn sometimes they aint got games the main exclusive game Halo was over taken by MGS 4 BIG TIME why do you guys think?

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    im struggling to see what we would gain from starting a debate like that on here. ive seen plenty of them and it goes on and on because both sides can be too stubburn to back down.

    for me the ps3 is better than the 360 because it meets more of my needs, but the 360 is better for my friends because it meets their needs.. both products are just as good as each other depending who you are.

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    ka713 Guest
    I don't know why people still debate this. To each their own I say. If you like what the ps3/xbox360 has to offer, then get a ps3/xbox360. If you like both then get both as some of my friends have done.

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    Nanobr3ker Guest
    doesn't matter to me they are both great systems! i'm happy to own both

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    Infection Guest
    To each their own, some prefer the selection on the ps3 as well as the controller, some prefer paying to play games that should have been on a pc but instead ended up on a console that red rings

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    varaques Guest
    i own both systems.. and i have to say is that i like both systems, but my favorite is the xbox 360 simply cause the xbox 360 has better & more games, the graphics are about the same for both systems, xbox live has way more content than the playstation network.. like high def movies & tv shows you can rent and download, loads of free demos, etc.

    best features on the ps3 to me are the blu-ray which i think looks way better than HD Movies played on the xbox 360 hd player... the menu of the ps3 also has more features and way better settings than the 360.. i think if sony were to build up their playstation network with way more content & get devolpers to make more game games just for the ps3. id play it more for games but for now i only really use it for playing bluray movies.

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    I Kick Puppies Guest
    Its just gonna turn into a fanboy flame war. I own a ps3 but have played many 360's. Graphically they are the same. Even if not the human eye cant tell the difference. I have played both consoles online. Equal. Lag is pretty much inevitable sometimes.

    Neither one of them lag too much for me but I have a pretty good connection. Does the ps3 have less ram? Yes. but the problem is not the hardware it the devs having trouble coding for it.

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    Krakaslap Guest
    most xbox fans just dont understand what you can do with the ps3 that you cant with the xbox. for instance there's blu-ray and linux

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    Iguanahak Guest
    they both have their ups and downs, the are titles on 360 that make it popular, like halo 3 and GoW, but now PS3 gettin its own single console titles which should popularize the PS3 more.

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    Raedean Guest
    Its very subjective... there is pros and cons man..

    PS3 less game than xbox360
    PS3 more beautiful than xbox360

    You figure this out or not it will be another debate by fanboy(s)

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